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Please instruct your banker to transfer the USD funds (by T/T)as follows:
Correspondent : Citibank N.A.,New York (CHIPS ABA:0008 or SWIFT CODE: CITIUS33XXX)
Beneficiary's Bank : China Merchants Bank,H. O. Shenzhen (SWIFT CODE: CMBCCNBSXXX)
Beneficiary's a/c no.:0020 03139004
Beneficiary : wang runxiao


In-System Programming Tools
Download cable appearance and use of generic programming, easy to use, stable and reliable performance.Support of the 51 series, AVR Series, PIC series of upgrades and support for more chips Directly to the MCU area code (Flash) and data area (EEPROM) programming. The original programmer of the Xpress-on feature to download the first, the target board reset button and its unique ad copy, please do not! First of all, the opening of the programmer's "ISPro" "download-programmer" in both Chinese and English words do not imitate!

Support for the chip list
---- Updated [2008.12.1]

51 Series single-chip:
AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89LS51, AT89LS52, AT89LS53, AT89LS8252, AT89S54, AT89S58, AT89S64, AT89S8253, AT89LS8253, AT89S2051, AT89S4051 P89C51RA2BA, P89C51RA2BBD, P89C51RB2BA, P89C51RB2BBD, P89C51RC2BN, P89C51RC2BA, P89C51RC2FA, P89C51RC2BBD, P89C51RC2FBD, P89C51RD2BN, P89C51RD2BA, P89C51RD2BBD, P89C51RD2FA

AVR Microcontroller Series:
AT90S1200, AT90S2313, AT90S2323, AT90LS2323, AT90S2343, AT90LS2343, AT90S4433, AT90LS4433, AT90S8515, AT90S8535, AT90LS8535 ATmega48, ATmega48V, ATmega88, ATmega88V, ATmega168, ATmega168V, ATmega8, ATmega8L, ATmega16, ATmega16L, ATmega32, ATmega32L, ATmega64, ATmega64L, ATmega161, ATmega161L, ATmega163, ATmega163L, ATmega323, ATmega323L, ATmega8515, ATmega8515L, ATmega8535, ATmega8535L, ATmega103, ATmega103L, ATmega128, ATmega128L, ATmega162, ATmega162L, ATmega169, ATmega169L ATtiny12, ATtiny12L, ATtiny13, ATtiny13L ATtiny15, ATtiny15L, ATtiny22, ATtiny22L, ATtiny26, ATtiny26L

PIC Microcontroller Series:
PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872, PIC16F873, PIC16F874, PIC16F876, PIC16F877, PIC16F873A, PIC16F874A, PIC16F876A, PIC16F877A, PIC16F913, PIC16F914, PIC16F916, PIC16F917, PIC16F946, PIC18F2423, PIC18F4423, PIC18F2523, PIC18F4523

AT24CXX: compatibility and other companies of similar models
AT24C01, AT24C02, AT24C04, AT24C08, AT24C16, AT24C32, AT24C64, AT24C128, AT24C256, AT24C512

AT93CXX: compatibility and other companies of similar models
AT93C46, AT93C57, AT93C56, AT93C66, AT93C86

AT25XXX: compatibility and other companies of similar models
AT25010, AT25020, AT25040, AT25080, AT25160, AT25320, AT25640

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao:
Price 50 U.S. dollars
The United States, Canada and other countries and regions:
Price 80 U.S. dollars
With the cost of mailing and customs and so on.